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I am a full stack developer in Colorado Springs, with a strong focus in web and mobile design. I love to collaborate in team and experimenting with new technologies. I've worked on multiple high profile projects, that both internal and external users rely on. I looking forward to any opportunities and challenges.

I'm a Michigander who recently moved to Colorado Springs to further pursue my career. In my spare time, I enjoy studying and learning new web frameworks. One of my personal projects includes an intricate web crawler which you can read about further on my resume page. I also enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife, son, and our two dogs, Baxter and Scout.

My Works

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2018 - Present

Full Stack .Net Developer Visionbox

I've worked as a consultant on a wide variety of projects ranging from public use mobile apps, to websites, and even browser plugins. For most projects I focused on the UI layer with some API implementation. The frameworks I mainly leveraged where .Net Core and React/React Native powered by TypeScript.

2017 - 2018

UI/UX Developer CVS

Being a member of the Enhanced User Experience team, I was tasked on transforming a Windows Form Application to an Angular 4 app. I primarily focused on creating clean user interfaces and consuming services from a .NET MVC backend.

2016 - 2017

Full Stack JS Developer at KL Outdoors

As a leader of a small team I was tasked with porting existing desktop .Net applications to a centralized web portal. These applications consisted of Inventory Management, Logistics Scheduling, Purchase Order Management, and Reporting. I was responsible for the entire stack including the Ubuntu/Apache server maintenance, project architecture, and UI/UX design.

Personal Projects

Simply Weather

Using React Native, I developed a simple weather app utilizing React Hooks. The app gives the current forecast of any location put in. Google Maps Api retrieves the latitude & longitude from the user input for OpenWeather to consume.

simply weather screen shot
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(719) 339 0792
Colorado Springs, CO